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Frequently Asked Questions

Why dateyou?

At DateYou there are no hidden costs and NO subscriptions or paid memberships! At DateYou you will meet interesting women and men and virtual profiles. All members have the same intention: they want to have a happy time and they are looking for great chats and exciting flirts. DateYou will help you take the first step.

Is dateyou the right app for You?

If you've longed for a happy chat relationship, DateYou is the right app for you. Would you like to have stimulating and exciting virtual online chats and flirts? You decide what you want to do at DateYou.

How much does it cost to use dateyou?

See an article with the link below. "Taxi Dancers of DateYou". The women on the site work for the site. They interact with you via messages on the site. But it costs you $1 per message. The women never email you or call your phone. Or meet you in person.

How do I use dateyou?

You can also use DateYou conveniently from your computer. So you have all the time in the world to browse the profiles of the members at your own pace. After making contact, get to know each other a little better first. Use the chat to get a more precise impression of your counterpart when exchanging information.

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