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Frequently Asked Questions

What is number picker in Android?

In android, a number picker is a UI widget that allows users to select a number from a predefined range. Android provides the android.widget.NumberPicker class for this purpose.

How to set custom values in nubmerpicker?

If you want to have custom values inside your number picker you can do something like this: private void setNubmerPicker (NumberPicker nubmerPicker,String numbers ) { nubmerPicker.setMaxValue (numbers.length-1); nubmerPicker.setMinValue (0); nubmerPicker.setWrapSelectorWheel (true); nubmerPicker.setDisplayedValues (numbers); }

What is the numberpicker library?

The android library that provides a simple and customizable NumberPicker. It's based on android.widget.NumberPicker. Customizable fonts (color, size, strikethrough, underline, typeface) Customizable dividers (color, distance, length, thickness, type)

How to make a horizontal numberpicker?

You can make a horizontal NumberPicker out of the defualt vertical NumberPicker, just like that you can make a vertical SeekBar out of the defualt horizontal SeekBar. To convert a vertical widget to a horizontal one, or to do the reverse, you need to take account of the layout method, of the drawing method and of the touch-control method.

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