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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a BPMN diagram?

In a nutshell, BPMN is a standardized flow chart method that allows you to create and share easy-to-understand diagrams. These diagrams can visually model the steps of a business process from end to end. Example of BPMN address change process diagram (above)

How do I start piecing together my BPMN diagram?

One effective way to begin piecing together your BPMN diagram is to start with the beginning step and work toward the final step. What triggers your process? What do you want the end result to be? After you identify the endpoints, start listing each step from start to finish.

What are the motivations for BPMN?

Aside from boosting efficiencies, other relevant motivations for supporting business process work include: From IT, financial services, insurance and manufacturing, to education, telecommunications, retail, computers and software, every company can benefit from improved business or organizational processes. How is BPMN used?

How do I choose a BPMN modeling tool?

Aside from actual BPMN conformance, one method to choosing a modeling tool is as follows: Define your business objectives and requirements. Define the selection criteria and the weight of each. Identify some candidate tools. Test-drive one model. Select your winner.

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