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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find free coupons?

It’s definitely possible to get free newspaper coupons! If you really want to build up your stash, consider checking with your local recycling center, schools, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, hotels, libraries, etc. to see if they will give you their coupon inserts from the Sunday newspapers they have on hand. It doesn’t hurt to ask! 2.

Where is the best place to find coupons?

One place to find coupons is directly on the products themselves!! PEELIES These are the coupons you might find on the outside of packages. You can peel them off and save instantly. Sometimes, they can only be redeemed at the time of purchase, so make sure to watch for “Cashier must remove” wording.

Where to get free grocery coupons?

Take coupons from the "blinkie" dispensers in grocery stores — the little blinking coupon dispensers right on the grocery store shelves. Watch for them wherever you go. Pick up unwanted free newspapers. If your neighborhood receives a free weekly paper full of coupons and you notice most do not get picked up, gather as many as you want.

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