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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 0cosmetics business live?

Cosmetics Business Live provides professionals with a 360° view of the current state of the cosmetics and personal care industry, helping professionals stay ahead of the curve with trends and in line with the latest regulations.

How many people attended the cosmetics business live 2021?

A total of 1,600 beauty and personal care professionals attended the first-ever Cosmetics Business Live in May 2021, receiving a total of 30 hours of information and advice from industry experts.

What is a cosmetics business?

Cosmetics Business explores the history behind the term and the social factors encouraging this change Skin-intellectuals want to know exactly what’s in their skin care products – but what is the ingredient most popular garnering the most interest?

What is the future of the cosmetic industry?

And cosmetic sales are estimated to continue to grow in both the united states and other global markets, as many consumers feel that beauty products help in achieving social and economic goals. Before now, the cosmetics industry used to be dominated solely by big, global brands like Unilever and Avon.

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