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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best plastic surgeon in Vancouver BC?

As a specialist in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, her dedication and consistently beautiful aesthetic results have distinguished her as one of Vancouver’s most sought-after, award-winning plastic surgeons. Dr. Macadam has created a practice that is based on current, evidence-based medical research and technology.

Why choose Salmon Creek plastic surgery Vancouver?

Salmon Creek Plastic Surgery in Vancouver, WA is committed to excellence, compassion, and caring in the practice of plastic surgery. If you have any questions about our plastic surgery procedures, spa treatments, or spa products, please call us us (360) 823-0860 or use our contact form to schedule your consultation.

How do I find a plastic surgeon in Canada?

At first place you need to find the certified plastic surgeon which is certified by Canadian Board of Plastic Surgery. There are many private organizations that offer certification in Plastic Surgery, but you must not be fooled with the surgeon that is certified by any other board.

What are the most common eye procedures performed at Vancouver eye care?

Some of the more common procedures performed at Vancouver Eye Care are Blepharoplasty, Ptosis Repair, Entropion Repair, Orbital Surgery, Tearing and Skin Cancer. This surgery is often performed to improve visual function by excising the excessive skin and fat from the upper, and sometimes lower, eyelids.

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