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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are dentists so expensive?

The price of life-saving EpiPens for those with severe allergies was another common complaint, as well as the cost of healthcare in general -- particularly dental ... in 39 years. So it's not too surprising that "Why is everything so expensive" was among ...

How much does a dental checkup cost?

Your dental exam is crucial to your oral health care journey in many ways, and Aspen Dental offers a range of payment options to ensure that you can always find room in your budget to see your dentist. how much does a dental checkup cost? Typically, dental checkup costs start at $0, and may cost as much as $615 in some markets.

What is a free dental clinic?

The free dental clinic for adults offers a wide range of treatments such as free consultations, dental checkups, cleaning and filling of the teeth, fluoride, etc. The clinic often provides free dental care for low income such as root canal work, crowning, extraction of the tooth, X-Ray and much more.

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