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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles?

Dr. Anthony Mobasser is the best cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles who can create that gorgeous smile that you’ve always dreamed of with his minimally invasive dental procedures.

Does dental insurance cover cosmetic dentistry?

Dental Insurance will cover some cosmetic dental procedures but not others. Fixing a chip in a front tooth could be considered "cosmetic" and would be covered by dental insurance to a certain extent. Almost no procedure, with the exception of preventative care, is covered at 100% by dental insurance.

What is the cost of cosmetic dentistry?

The cost of cosmetic dentistry from our actual data: The cost of porcelain veneers varies from $975 per veneer up to $2200 per veneer, depending on the area of the country and the particular dentist involved. We did not find any fees lower than that range charged by any expert cosmetic dentist.

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