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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are cosmetic boxes made?

As a professional cosmetic packaging manufacturer, our large factory is located in China, with a monthly production capacity of more than 1 million boxes. Flexible order quantities will provide greater possibilities for custom cosmetic packaging. Cosmetic boxes appear in almost every home and can be seen everywhere.

What are the different types of cosmetic packaging boxes?

The customizable product packaging boxes provided include: perfume boxes, essential oil packaging, lipstick tube packaging, eyelash boxes, skin care packaging, hair extension packaging, nail polish packaging, etc. These cosmetic packaging can be selected according to specific products, different packaging materials, structures, and sizes.

Where can I get free cosmetic packaging boxes?

Free Shipment:We offer free shipment all over the US and Canada. Looking for creative cosmetic packaging boxes that complement your product range? has numerous staggering options for you. Whether you want makeup, hair, or skincare boxes we have unrivaled designs. Our skilled graphics team can provide various artwork options.

Do you offer custom printed cosmetic boxes?

Besides our ravishing customizations in design, we offer custom printed cosmetic boxes in endless shapes and sizes. Our team will help you providing free of cost assistance in finalizing a tantalizing design for your cosmetics.

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