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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the compmag easy to install and remove?

The CompMag is easy to install and remove. It is the ultimate fixed magazine solution for your firearm. Even though it has a fixed magazine, you can easily load it and enjoy your firearm. We hope you love it as much as we do, and thank you for your support.

Is the compmag AR-15 compatible in New York?

For information on New York Compliance please read "Is the CompMag N.Y. Safe act compliant" at AR-15 CompMag Information. COMPATIBILITY. Compatible with AK-47 firearms that accept a double stacked magazine. For Milled Receivers you must purchase the additional AK-47 Milled Receiver Locking Plate.

Is compmag legal in California?

Can be used in California and other restrictive firearm states. Check your local and state laws before ordering. INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR INSTALLATION. Patent Pending Innovation. (CompMag has 6 patents pending at this time.) Designed and Made In the U.S.A. Right here in California.

Is the AK 47 compmag CA Compliant?

AK-47 CompMag. The AK-47 CompMag. CA. Compliant. N.Y. Compliant with the simple addition of epoxy over the locking plate screw. Lifetime Warranty. If something ever breaks, we will replace it. For AK receivers that accept a double stacked magazine.

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