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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Companies House service?

The Companies House Service (CHS) is there for you to check all this information. Our free service was introduced in 2015 and now gets more than 2.2 billion searches each year. You can look at the details and filing history of a company, including: There's often confusion about what we do with the information that companies give to us.

What do you blog about on the Companies House Register?

Our colleagues blog about themselves and their work, our services and the information we hold on the Companies House register. We also invite guest bloggers who have an interest in UK companies and business advice. Find out more. Read a variety of stories bringing the data on the Companies House register to life.

What is the company number for company check?

COMPANY CHECK LTD. Company number 04905417. Follow this company File for this company.

How do I register a limited company in the UK?

Contact Companies House to register your limited company, file returns and accounts How to add an overseas entity and its registrable beneficial owners or managing officers to the Register of Overseas Entities. This will allow it to buy and sell land or property in the UK. How to send your information to Companies House using our online services.

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