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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Companies House beta?

Companies House is an online service to check all data about businesses registered in the UK. So, let’s find out how many companies Richard Branson directs and what is the P&L of Tiffany & Co. Companies House beta service makes the UK corporate world transparent: you can search for details of all the private companies operating in the UK for free.

How to find the owner of a company in UK?

Search for the information on the Companies House UK beta website. Once, you search the company here, click on the filing history, the owner of the company must be mentioned there. A company can have more than one owner. They oversee everything, from sales to handling operations, to marketing.

How much does it cost to search Companies House?

Why not try our new beta service to access over 170 million digital records free of charge, including financial accounts and company filings. Search fees continue to apply on our live Companies House Direct and WebCHeck services.

How to form a company in Companies House?

The registration of the company can be done either by using company house Incorporation Service or through an agent. A person can also form a company using a paper application form and send it by post. Companies House is not handling any unregistered businesses, such as sole traders and general partnerships.

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