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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the company number for company check?

COMPANY CHECK LTD. Company number 04905417. Follow this company File for this company.

How do I change my home address on my director's listing?

Go to the Companies House service and find your company. Select the file for this company tab and follow the instructions. Enter the new address and submit the changes. Your home address no longer appears as your correspondence address on your director’s listing.

What happens to my Details If I use my home address?

Many people will use a service address provider who'll receive and forward any correspondence for a fee. If you use your home address as your company's registered address or your service address, it'll appear on the public record. You can watch our short video that explains what happens to your details on YouTube with captions.

Can I remove a home address that's been used as registered office?

We do not have the legal power to remove a home address that’s been used as a company’s registered office. You can change your registered office address, but any previous addresses you’ve used as a registered office will remain on the public register for the lifetime of the company and 20 years after the company has been dissolved.

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