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Frequently Asked Questions

Are macaroons supposed to be chewy?

Nigella’s versions are quite cracked compared to a “normal” macaroon but they still look good enough to eat! Macaroons are supposed to have a smooth crunchy outer, but be soft and chewy on the inside. The perfect macaroon is supposed to have a footing which appears at the bottom of each flawlessly round disc.

Do macaroons have gluten in them?

Yes, macarons are gluten free - the key 'flour'/main ingredient is ground almond nut flour (referably blanched). Macarons are generally made from egg whites, almond flour and sugar, none of which contain gluten. (You meant gluten and not glue, right?)

Are macaroons kosher for Passover?

Basic vanilla macaroons, Kosher for Passover, is the traditional flavor of the coconut dessert for Passover seders. photo by Hillary Levin, [email protected] Chocolate-Stout macaroons are a twist on the traditional plain-flavored coconut dessert served during Passover.

Are macaroons healthy?

Macaroons are made from egg white, sugar, and shredded coconut. While having too much sugar does nothing good for your health, sticking to no more than two macaroons will minimize the negative impact from sugar and provide you with some benefits.

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