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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Puffles are there on Club Penguin?

A Puffle is a furry little creature on Club Penguin. There are many different types of puffles to adopt. You can adopt up to 75 puffles.

Is Club Penguin offline?

Club Penguin, the popular virtual world for kids, is missing in action. The Walt Disney Company, the site's owner, failed to renew the domain name in a timely fashion. The Club Penguin domain, according to WHOIS information for the site, expired one week ago on June 13. It was taken offline Monday morning.

Is Club Penguin cool?

Cool In The Cold is a Club Penguin Short, featuring a song sung by Cadence and the Penguin Band. It was released on November 24, 2012 on Amazon, and it was released on November 27, 2012 on iTunes and Spotify.

Is Club Penguin a video game?

Console video games. The Club Penguin video game series is a series of party games for the Wii and Nintendo DS based on Disney's popular massively multiplayer online game, Club Penguin. They are published by Disney Interactive Studios.

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