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Frequently Asked Questions

How to start Cisco Connect?

type “Cisco AnyConnect”. Right-click the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client icon. This will bring up a list of options. Hover over Send to, then click Desktop (create shortcut). *Now that you have a desktop shortcut, you can double-click the icon whenever you want to launch Cisco AnyConnect in the future.

What is Cisco Connect software used for?

What is Cisco Connect Software. It is a program that is used for doing the initial installation of Linksys E and EA-series routers. It works with various Cisco router series. It lets the user manage the network in an easier way and changing the wireless network settings also. If you are reading about this brilliant software for the first time ...

How to setup Cisco AnyConnect on Windows?

Install the VPN client. Download the Cisco AnyConnect VPN for Windows installer. Double-click the InstallAnyConnect.exe file. When a message saying the Cisco AnyConnect client has been installed, click OK. Connect to the Stanford VPN. Launch the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client client.

How to access my Cisco wireless router?

Cisco router login: Make sure you're connected to your network. Open a browser, and go to Enter the username and password. Default login credentials. Next Up: Speed up your Wi-Fi connection. 1.

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