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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Rick Bayless's Mexican nachos?

This week on Simply Ming, seven-time James Beard Award-winning chef and longtime host of the series, Mexico: One Plate a Time, Rick Bayless stops by the loft kitchen to bring us back to his Mexican roots. Rick starts us off with traditional Mexican Chilaquiles, while Ming puts a spin on nachos with his Crispy Rice Cake Chicken “Nachos”.

How do you make chilaquiles for 4 people?

To make chilaquiles for 4 people, you need to crisp-fry 12 6-inch corn tortillas (cut into wedges or strips) or measure out 8 ounces (roughly 8 cups) of good-quality, not-too-thin tortillas chips. Garnishes: I think of crema, cheese and sliced raw white onion as being essential garnishes.

Do you like chilaquiles with or without sauce?

I like chilaquiles somewhere in between. Chilaquiles can be made with practically any sauce, though ones made from tomatillo (chilaquiles verdes) or tomato (chilaquiles rojos) are the most common.

Where are the best chilaquiles in Mexico City?

If there’s one place to experience chilaquiles in Mexico City, Bayless says it’s La Esquina del Chilaquil. But it’s not what you think. They scoop red or green chilaquiles into torta rolls, and sandwich a fried cutlet of milanesa in between.

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