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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of chilaquiles?

Chilaquiles: History & Tradition. Chilaquiles are a traditional Mexican dish dating back centuries to the early Aztecs. The word chilaquiles (pronunced: [tʃilaˈkiles] or chee-lah-kee-lehs) derives from an ancient word in the Aztec Nahuatl language meaning “chilis and greens.”. The Nahuatl language originated in Central Mexico ...

What are the basic ingredients of chilaquiles?

The basic makings of traditional chilaquiles are simply crunchy fried corn tortilla pieces, with a chile salsa over them; simmered until the tortilla starts softening to absorb the sauce’s flavor. Though the basic ingredients are minimal, chilaquiles often used leftover tortillas and salsas,...

What does chiliquiles stand for?

Chilaquiles ( Spanish pronunciation: [tʃilaˈkiles]) from the Nahuatl word chīlāquilitl [t͡ʃiːlaːˈkilit͡ɬ] ("chiles and greens") is a traditional Mexican dish.

What is the difference between Migas and chilaquiles?

Like with many things in Mexican cuisine, there will be exceptions and regional variations, and you might find some people that use the terms “chilaquiles” and “migas” interchangeably. In case you’re wondering, the name “chilaquiles” comes from the Nahuatl word “chil-a-quilitl”, which means “herbs (or greens) in chile broth”.

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