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Frequently Asked Questions

What are chilaquiles and how are they used?

As with many Mexican dishes, regional and family variations are quite common. Usually, chilaquiles are eaten at breakfast or brunch. This makes them a popular recipe to use leftover tortillas and salsas. In central Mexico, it is common for the tortilla chips to remain crisp.

What is the difference between chilaquiles Verdes and Rojos?

Chilaquiles verdes are made with a salsa made from tomatillos, onions, jalapeños, and cilantro (hence the “greens” in the translation). Chilaquiles rojos are made with a salsa made from tomatoes, onion, jalapeños, garlic, and broth. Both are cooked using the same technique — it simply comes down to the cook’s preference on which salsa they prefer.

What does chiliquiles stand for?

Chilaquiles ( Spanish pronunciation: [tʃilaˈkiles]) from the Nahuatl word chīlāquilitl [t͡ʃiːlaːˈkilit͡ɬ] ("chiles and greens") is a traditional Mexican dish.

What is the difference between Migas and chilaquiles?

While chilaquiles, which originate in Mexico, typically feature fried tortillas that have been drenched in salsa, migas is a Tex-Mex dish in which the tortillas are mixed with scrambled eggs. If you enjoy cooking with bright, flavorful salsas, here are more dishes to try:

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