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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Redhead on That 70s Show?

The star is naturally a redhead and showed off her stunning locks throughout the entire series on That '70s Show. Laura Prepon first came to prominence after being cast in the hit FOX show, 'That 70s Show', back in 1998!

Why did Eric Forman Leave That '70s Show?

The writers for That '70s Show had the ability to write the character out of the show because Grace gave them fair warning about his intention to leave. Eric's departure from the sitcom didn't come from the creative team. The decision was purely made by the actor behind the role. That '70s Show marked Grace's first acting gig.

Who is Hyde from That 70s Show?

Steven James Hyde (born c. November 28, 1959) is a fictional character from FOX Networks' That '70s Show played by Danny Masterson. He is Eric Forman's (Topher Grace) best friend and by the end of season one, his de facto adopted brother. Hyde represents the adolescent of the seventies that was suspicious of government and organizations.

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