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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Carey do?

We orchestrate. We anticipate. Carey is the world’s leading provider of chauffeured services and ground transportation logistics management. With an exclusive global network spanning more than 1000 cities worldwide, Carey offers unrivaled safety, consistent service standards, and innovative travel technology for both travelers and arrangers.

What happened to Carey Carey?

In 2001 Carey signed an $80 million contract with Virgin Records that made her the highest-paid recording artist. Her career was soon interrupted, however, when she suffered a breakdown and was hospitalized following erratic behaviour. (Carey revealed in 2018 that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder .)

What are the alternative forms of Carey?

Prominent alternative forms of Carey listed in the Top 2000 are Cari, Carie, Carla (#863 IN RECENT RANKINGS), Carleen, Carlene, Carley (#1382), Carly (#411), Carlyn, Caro, Carol (#1656), Carola, Carole, Caroline (#56), Caroll, Carolyn (#810), Carri, Carrie (#1572), Carry, Cary, Charla, Kari, Karla (#560) and Karli (#1521).

What is Carrie Carey's style?

During Carey's career, her vocal and musical style, along with her level of success, has been compared to Whitney Houston, whom she has also cited as an influence, and Celine Dion. Carey and her peers, according to Garry Mulholland, are "the princesses of wails ... virtuoso vocalists who blend chart-oriented pop with mature MOR torch song ."

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