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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you buy cards against humanity online?

Yes, you can buy Cards Against Humanity and its complete extension sets including all its nice collections directly from Cards Against Humanity original box is $25 on Amazon. Cards Against Humanity can also be purchased at We’ve confirmed the Website and both the basic game and expansion sets are all available there.

Where can I Play Cards Against Humanity online?

Where can I play cards against humanity online free multiplayer? Cards Against Humanity is free to play on the website and allows up to six people to remotely join in. The website allows you to make a virtual tabletop session of the NSFW card game, where you can see each others’ moves in real-time.

How many cards do you get in Cards Against Humanity?

In Cards Against Humanity, there are fifty-six cards in the deck. That includes a four of hearts and a six of spades. The ace is used mostly as an “ace” card for playing tricks on your friends (it’s called “the Underwear.”), but it also has special powers that you can use to answer questions about the game or create new ones.

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