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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Pakistan name their capital city Islamabad?

Why did Pakistan name their capital city Islamabad? The name of Islamabad was influenced from the Mughal name of the Bengali port city of Chittagong which was Islamabad. In 1962, Dhaka was made the legislative capital of the country due to East Pakistan ‘s high population. Which is the second largest city of Pakistan? Lahore Pakistan is the ...

Is capital Smart City merged with DHA Islamabad?

Capital smart City merger with DHA is definitely the top trending topic these days and the news has been doing rounds for a while in the real estate market in Islamabad.Our sources are certain that all the formalities and negotiations between the Capital Smart City Authorities and DHA have finally been completed.

What city was the capital of Pakistan before Islamabad?

👉🏻The capital city of Pakistan is Islamabad, which is located in the federal Islamabad Capital Territory. The city became the official capital on August 14, 1967, which was 20 years after the attainment of independence. Before that, from 1958, the capital city was Rawalpindi.

When did Islamabad become the capital of Pakistan?

When Pakistan gained independence, Karachi the port city, was declared its 1st national capital. During the 60s, Islamabad was constructed as a forward capital. On 14th August, 1967, Islamabad became the capital of Pakistan. Pre-Pakistan era, developments were centered towards Karachi.

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