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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microsoft 365 admin?

The admin center surfaces pressing data and recommends the next action that provides the best possible experience for your end user and your organization. Manage Microsoft 365 from anywhere The Microsoft 365 Admin mobile app lets you view settings and perform core tasks.

What to do if my Microsoft 365 account is blocked?

Update your password on all devices that connect to your account. 3. Reset your password. It looks like your account has been blocked. Please contact your admin to unblock it. To resolve this issue, see "It looks like your account has been blocked" error when a user tries to sign in to Microsoft 365.

How do I sign out of Office 365?

There's a Sign Out button and a Switch account. On the right, under Product Information, does it say Subscription Product Microsoft Microsoft Corporation Office 365 Business and that it belongs to: youremailaddresshere? I guess my question is are you having a problem because you had Office 2016 installed before you signed up for Office 365?

What if I can't sign in to the portal?

If you can sign in to the portal, but you can't sign in to a non-browser–based app, such as an Office app or an app on your mobile device to check email, follow these steps: Work with your admin to make sure that you have the correct licenses applied to your account.

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