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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened at the Mayfield candle factory?

Link Copied! The candle factory in Mayfield, Kentucky, was destroyed by a tornado. The Mayfield, Kentucky, candle factory leveled by a tornado last month is shutting down and 251 employees are being laid off, a company official said.

What happened at the candle factory after the tornado?

More than 100 people were working at the candle factory when the tornado swept in. Production had been “going 24/7,” in part to meet Christmastime candle demand, US Rep. James Comer, who represents the area, has told CNN. “There are many people with the same set of issues.

How many people have died at the candle factory?

▪ Initial casualty figures reported by state officials from the candle factory were revised downward as more survivors were located around the devastated community. MCP spokesman Bob Ferguson told the Associated Press on Sunday that eight of 110 workers in the factory Friday night have been confirmed dead and another eight are missing.

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