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Frequently Asked Questions

Is BP a good FTSE 100 dividend stock?

I’m not so sure Oil giant BP ( LSE: BP) has been one of the most attractive FTSE 100 dividend stocks for as long as I can remember. Investors anticipated a yield of 5-6% as standard, but that’s not the case today. I haven’t looked at it for a while, and was surprised to see it currently yields 3.7%.

Is BP plastics holding Bhd (BP) a good stock to buy?

To start with, BP Plastics Holding Bhd's ROE looks acceptable. Further, the company's ROE compares quite favorably to the industry average of 11%. Probably as a result of this, BP Plastics Holding Bhd was able to see an impressive net income growth of 24% over the last five years. We reckon that there could also be other factors at play here.

Why would you buy a dividend-paying stock?

I’d also buy more because the stock has some stable fundamentals. The dividend is well covered, the growth strategy is clear, and shareholders are rewarded in line with inflation.

Should dividend payments be increased in line with inflation?

That’s definitely good to hear, as no investor wants to see their dividend payments become incrementally smaller, in real terms, if the firm fails to increase payments in line with inflation.

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