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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word both mean?

Both is defined as each of two parts or persons. An example of both used as a conjunction is in the sentence, "Both girls and boys were invited to the birthday party," which means that boys and girls were invited to the birthday party. Both means the one and the other one.

Is it both are or both is?

Both is used to talk about two people or things. Both cats and dogs are pet animals. Before a noun with a determiner (the, my, this etc.), both and both of are both possible. Both of my parents are teachers. OR Both my parents are teachers. You can take both of the shirts. OR You can take both the shirts.

What is a synonym for both?

Synonyms for Both: adj. •dual (adjective) matching, coupled, dual, two. •two together (adjective) the couple, twain, the pair. n. • the pair, the couple.

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