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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the uses of binoculars?

Uses of Binoculars. Also known as field glasses or binocular telescopes, binoculars are a pair of mirror symmetrical telescopes that allow a user to view distant objects using both eyes.

How are telescopes different from binoculars?

However, the primary difference between telescopes and binoculars is the manner in which they are usually used. Telescopes are ideally used to look at stars and galaxies in our universe, whereas binoculars are typically used for surveillance, or bird watching and animal watching on safaris.

What are the best binoculars for children?

A magnification factor of 6x to 10x is ideal for children to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities. The binoculars should be lightweight yet easy to hold, stabilise and focus. Durability is also important in kid’s binoculars, so look for rubber coating that will help them withstand bumps and drops.

What are the features of binoculars?

Some Binocular Features. Prisms: Image-erecting prisms (porro or roof prisms) are used in binoculars to provide correctly-oriented (erect and right-reading) images. With porro prisms (named after Ignazio Porro, the Italian scientist who invented them), the quality of the glass in the prisms affects the performance of the binoculars.

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