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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Bingus Bingus?

He was a suspected killer of Chinp Floppa. Bingus is usually depicted as an enemy of the Floppa bloodline in mainstream media. He also had a short lived discography career. He was also attacked on January 6th, 2021, but was able to escape in time, brushing it off like nothing happened.

How did the Bingus video get so popular?

A September 30th repost of the original Bingus video with the title "ahhhhh hi bingus" on the subreddit /r/aww [8] gained over 17,500 upvotes, 318 comments and several Reddit awards in 22 days. After haydongers’ post, many GIFs and GIF captions mentioning and showing Bingus were uploaded to Tenor [9] in the following days and weeks (shown below).

What happened to Sus Bingus?

Somewhere in 2010's Bingus created Sus Bingus from the DNA of Amog-8 and his own blood. He used it to kill political opponents or anyone he didn't like. On March 30th 2021, he was accidentally served cactus as sogga done. He ate it and had his ears almost amputated, but luckily, nothing happened.

Why is Bingus so popular on Instagram?

Added 8 months ago by Jel. Bingus is a hairless Sphynx cat that originated from a video in which he is pet while staring at his owner. Attracting attention on Instagram in March 2020, Bingus’ popularity exploded in September after he appeared in a viral Reddit post, which later resulted in online users referring to all Sphynxes as "Bingus."

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