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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view my recent search history on Bing?

Go to and click on the menu icon with three vertical bars (see image). Select Search history to view you history page with different control options. It can be displayed using type and date filters. You can turn off the history for private searches and later you can turn it on.

How do you search your search history?

(A check mark will appear next to the history option when it is selected.) Open the View By drop-down menu--click the small downward facing arrow in the field box. You are given the option to select how you want to view your history. You may "View By Date," "View By Site," "View By Most Visited," or "Search History.".

How do you delete search history from Bing?

We can delete bing history easily, here are the steps to follow: Go to Bing. Click on the top right button (three horizontal bars). Select Search History You will see a Change History Settings Text. There you will see a Clear All button.

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