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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can you earn with Bing Rewards?

You can earn a maximum of 15 points per day. You can also earn Bing Rewards points by referring your friends. Once a friend joins and participates in the program- you can earn 200 points. Additionally, there are daily offers which you can complete to earn extra points.

Does Bing Rewards membership have a fee?

Microsoft Rewards is a free program that rewards you for doing the stuff you already do every day. Earn points when you search on and buy things from the Microsoft Store online and in Windows 10. Explore the Rewards page, where we daily add new ways to earn. Microsoft Rewards doesn't ask for a commitment or fees.

What is Bing Rewards and how it works?

That is the meaning behind "Bing Rewards". How it Works... This is relatively simple. You sign up for the service, log on, and Bing will keep a record of what it is that you search for. Think of it as a sort of "frequent flyer miles" but for the internet. As long as you are signed into Bing and keep on search, you keep racking up the points.

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