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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you take the Bing News Quiz?

But sometimes we don’t know much about what is happening in our country or the most relevant international affairs, so to change this, you can take the Bing News Quiz because it will give you all the correct information you need. There are different topics that you can find in these quizzes, for example:

Where can I find free quizzes about news?

Go to the bing news quiz website in and find new quizzes about news and other stuff. bing is the best place for quiz free.

What are the benefits of Microsoft news quizzes?

As enjoyable as the regular news quiz is, in addition, it can bring you freebies. For instance, when you taking the quiz, you will earn Microsoft Reward Points. You are able to redeem the points for any forms of stuff like present cards, a lot more and sweepstakes. To play the quiz, you need to have a Microsoft Bank account.

How do I login to Bing on my computer?

Open your browser (chrome, firefox, edge and safari and etc.) it’s preferred to make use of edge browser. Visit by typing in around the address bar. Sign in to Microsoft Account, the login link is on the top of the screen.

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