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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the “premium services” in Bing Maps?

(j) "Premium Services" means the Bing Maps Distance Matrix API, Bing Maps Isochrone API, Bing Maps Snap to Road API, Bing Maps Truck Routing API, and Bing Maps Multi-Itinerary Optimization API.

What is Bing Maps license and API?

(e) "Bing Maps License" means a license to use the Services for use pursuant to Standard Terms. (f) "Bing Maps Platform APIs" means the APIs available here, and any other Bing Maps Platform APIs that Microsoft may offer via the Documentation.

What is a Bing Maps transaction?

A: A Bing Maps transaction is generated every time a call to a Bing Maps API is made. The more calls to the Bing Maps API’s, the more transactions that are generated. Since Bing Maps has free and paid versions, the main indication of use to focus on is billable transactions.

What are the limits for Bing Maps subscription licenses?

If you license more than 5,000 Bing Maps Known User Subscription Licenses, the limits set forth in these TOU will be increased at a rate of 20 requests per Known User within any 24-hour period and 2,000 requests per Known User per year, for each Known User above 5,000.

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