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What year was Bing Crosby born?

He made crooning - the description of his mellow, smooth-flowing vocal style - a familiar part of the language. Bing Crosby was born May 2, 1904, in Tacoma, Wash., the fourth of seven children of Harry Lowe Crosby, a book keeper, and Kate Harrigan Crosby. The youngest of the children, Bob, also was to achieve fame as a singer and bandleader.

Where was Bing Crosby born?

Born in Tacoma, Washington, in 1903, Bing Crosby was the fourth of his family's seven children. According to Biography, the future crooner's love for music became apparent at age six — with the purchase of his first phonograph.

When was Bing Crosby born?

Bing Crosby, byname of Harry Lillis Crosby, (born May 3, 1903, Tacoma, Washington, U.S.—died October 14, 1977, near Madrid, Spain), American singer, actor, and songwriter who achieved great popularity in radio, recordings, and motion pictures. He became the archetypal crooner of a period when the advent of radio broadcasting and talking pictures and the refinement of sound-recording techniques made the climate ideal for the rise of such a figure.

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