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Frequently Asked Questions

How many children does Bing Crosby have?

kgb answers » Arts & Entertainment » Music Artists & Songs » Does bing crosby have any kids. Bing Crosby has seven children with two different women. Six boys and 1 daughter.

What happened to Bing Crosby's kids?

They say Bing was so cruel that he even gave his kids belittling nicknames, and it was rather offensive. His sons’ lives ended up rather tragically: Lindsay and Dennis committed suicide at ages 51 and 56, respectively. Gary Crosby passed away in 1995 from lung cancer, and Phillip – in 2004, from heart attack.

Was Bing Crosby a good father?

He loved all of us, too, including Gary. He was a great father.” Crosby was one of Hollywood’s wealthiest stars with investment­s in oil, property, horseracin­g and America’s first frozen foods.

What did Bing Crosby die of?

Bing Crosby died on the 14th of October, 1977, in Madrid, Spain. The cause of death was heart attack.

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