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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to login to Microsoft Advertising?

Go to the Microsoft Advertising sign-in page . Enter your email address in the box, and then select Next . You will be prompted to enter your password in a new page. Because your email address can be used to sign in to other Microsoft products, we do not recommend sharing your email address with others.

How do you login to Microsoft Advertising Editor?

Go to the Microsoft Advertising sign-in page . Enter your Microsoft Advertising user name in the box, and then select Next . Enter your Microsoft Advertising password in the box, and then select Sign In .

How do you import data into Microsoft Advertising Editor?

Select Import > Import from a file. Microsoft Advertising Editor will walk you through a wizard to finish importing the data. For Google Ads specifically, you can still import campaign data from a CSV file, but you also have the option of importing data by signing in to your Google Ads account and letting Microsoft Advertising Editor do the rest.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Advertising Editor?

Managing your campaign. Microsoft Advertising Editor has many tools to make managing your campaigns easy. You can update each item individually or select multiple items to update them all at once. Make changes to selected items by updating the fields in the edit pane.

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