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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Marianne Faithfull a good vocalist?

Formerly the apple of Mick Jagger's eye, the chanteuse Marianne Faithfull is known as one of the best female vocalists of her time. With a career spanning 4 decades and plenty of ups and downs, this is a fan-voted list of the best Marianne Faithfull recordings.

When was Marianne Faithfull photographed?

Marianne Faithfull photographed on May 25, 1965. Stanley Sherman/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images Marianne Faithfull debuted in 1964 as one of the more promising voices of the British Invasion.

What is Faithfull about?

Opening innocently enough with the radio-friendly 1965 triple-threat of a harpsichord riff, tambourine rhythm and pillowy strings, Faithfull takes what could be a benign slice of baroque pop and turns it into a quietly confident ode to embracing solitude instead of settling for someone.

What was Faithfull's last song?

“With You In Mind” On her final album from the ’60s (i.e., her last one with her upper registry soprano fully intact), Faithfull turned out this chilly, brisk and mysterious meditation on romantic separation — from the pen of Jackie DeShannon, no less.

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