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Frequently Asked Questions

How good is been verified com?

from 203 reviews Review It. is online database that allows anyone to perform background checks. Using just a name and a state of residence, Been Verified can provide a variety of resources on a new neighbor, a prospective date, or anyone you wish.

Is BeenVerified free to use?

No, BeenVerified’s services aren’t free. A one-month membership with BeenVerified starts at $26.89, but other levels of service and subscriptions are available. Is BeenVerified legit? Before BeenVerified, individuals would need to visit courthouses or government buildings to access information.

Where does bebeenverified get its information?

BeenVerified gathers its information from multiple sources, including public records and databases. Can I trust BeenVerified? BeenVerified provides clear guidelines on how information can and cannot be used.

What are consumers saying about BeenVerified?

Consumers satisfied with BeenVerified most frequently mention customer service, high school and top notch. BeenVerified ranks 4th among Background Check sites. Billions of records - try searching someone today!

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