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Frequently Asked Questions

Is been a verb?

Been is a Past Participle. The word "been" is the past participle of the verb "to be." As such, it can be used with "have" (in all its guises) to form tenses in the perfect (or complete) aspect.

Is it has been or have been?

Both “Has been” AND “Have been” mean something began in the past and has lasted into the present time. This meaning is known as present perfect continuous. Use “has” when describing a specific person (not yourself) or a non-person (e.g. an animal or an object).

What does it must have been mean?

You may have heard someone say a sentence using the words, "must have been." This is not a past conditional structure, but rather it is in the present perfect. "Must have been" is used to express an assumption, or an opinion that you gathered from a logical guess. In this case, we are not talking about something that is not true.

What does could have been mean?

Could have means that something was possible in the past, but it did not happen. I could have gone directly to college, but I decided to travel for a year. Listen to this song by 1980s teen pop star Tiffany.

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