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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Asda a private company?

Asda is now owned by the Issa brothers and private equity company TDR Capital . The two companies have created a holding company, Bellis Holdco Limited, which is registered in Jersey and has become the immediate parent of Asda. Walmart also remains a shareholder - details below.

Is Asda and Walmart the same company?

Walmart and Asda are the same company. By owning Walmart shares you own Asda shares that's why for shavesave/sharematch schemes Asda employees will be offered Walmart stock. What's in it for Asda? It's to compete with other corporate companies who also offer these schemes. It's part of the benefits package of working for them :) 8 level 2

Does Asda have shareholders?

Three Asda shareholders, Schroders, Mercury Asset Management and Robert Fleming hold nearly 30 per cent of the company. There is still intense speculation about a counterbid for Asda, with Wal-Mart, the world's biggest retailer, the favourite to strike.

How many stores does Asda have?

Asda Logistics Services is a hub of activity for our business. Our distribution operation includes 39 operations nationwide including 21 food depots, three clothing centres, two ambient GM hubs, two import centres, two fulfilment centres and nine ASCs.

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