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Frequently Asked Questions

What products are available with the Argos card home appliances?

Credit available with the Argos Card Home Appliances Fans, heaters and dehumidifiers Heaters and radiators Filter by Clear allclose filter 1 Applied Filter Type: Panel heaters Type Clear Fan heaters (15) Oil filled radiators (13) Ceramic heaters (11) Convector heaters (10) Oil free radiators (6) Show more Brands Adam (1) Challenge (1) Princess (1)

What are the best heaters for small rooms?

An oil heater also uses convection and they're great at retaining heat, so be sure to look at our selection of oil filled radiators too. A fan heater has a compact size making it a breeze to take from one room to another and an ideal choice for smaller rooms. Check out our selection of panel heaters as well.

What are the different types of Carlos gas heaters?

There are three main types of Carlos Gas Heaters: The Conventional, Condensing, and System Boiler. The type you choose will depend on your home's needs and what you're looking for in a gas heater.

Is Argos a good fit for your business?

Argos,With far-reaching demographic appeal, a strong brand image and a great product range, most of your employees and customers will love shopping at Argos. With 29 million store customers and nearly one billion online visitors each year, it's easy to see how this could work.

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