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Frequently Asked Questions

Do braces actually ruin your face?

Braces make the appearance of your cheekbone, lips, mouth, and jaw better. It also helps improve your chewing function. However, there is no chance that braces ruin your face or smile if you see a licensed orthodontist for the treatment. You may be worried because of the extraction of healthy teeth for braces or having a smile that you don't like.

Are braces considered cosmetic dentistry?

Strangely enough, braces are not considered to be cosmetic, even though they do improve the look of your teeth. These days having crooked teeth fixed is considered essential to ensure they function properly. Crooked teeth make it hard to chew and they are difficult to clean, so will likely get decayed quickly.

Are braces worth the cost?

These are the braces most people are familiar with. Conventional metal braces usually cost $3,000-7,500 total. But this figure could be considerably higher depending on your particular case. Traditional braces are usually the least expensive option, and the only one for extensive treatment.

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