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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a LAUSD parent/guardian account?

LAUSD Parent/Guardian A parent account allows you to: Apply to multiple school choice programs offered by LA Unified: eChoices (Magnet, Permits With Transportation and Dual Language), Zones of Choice, Incoming Inter-District Permits, District K-12 Open Enrollment, Conservatory of Fine Arts, etc.

What's going on with Los Angeles Unified's Parent Portal?

Los Angeles Unified is experiencing a service outage with multiple applications including Parent Portal. We are currently working to restore the service. We apologize for any inconvenience.

What is the LAUSD K-12 open enrollment transfer program?

Complying with AB-1114, the District’s K-12 Open Enrollment Transfer Program is another parental choice option for families residing within the LAUSD boundaries to apply to schools that have identified available seats for the subsequent school year. Apply Now Learn More?

What is Parent Portal?

Access Parent Portal to monitor student's attendance, final grades, update emergency telephone numbers, track student's progress towards completion of graduation requirements and many more.

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