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Frequently Asked Questions

How to pick a random random number?

Try the Truly Random Number Generator / Picker. Enter a list of comma-separated items (you know, like "me,you,them,us") Click "Pick one!"

How do I pick a comma-separated item randomly?

Directions: 1 Enter a list of comma-separated items (you know, like "me,you,them,us") 2 Click "Pick one!" 3 Behold the glory that is the randomly picked thing! More ...

What is random number generation?

When you roll a cubical dice , you get a random number between 1 and 6. Random number generation is the generation of a succession of numbers or symbols that you cannot predict sensibly better than by random chance, usually through a hardware Random Number Generator ( RNG ).

How do I use the picker tool?

Just enter your list items and the tool will be the chooser / picker / selector you've been yearning for. I wonder what type of things you're entering in the list. Is it weird stuff? Also, there's a different picker tool for getting multiple random items from your list if that's what you're after. or just create your own list.

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