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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a 1850 census for Illinois?

Nonpopulation Census Schedules for Illinois, 1850–1880. NARA microfilm publication T1133, rolls 12 and 13 (partial). ARC ID: 2791274. National Archives in Washington, D.C. This database contains state censuses for the years 1825, 1830, 1835, 1845, 1855, and 1865.

What is the 1850 federal census database?

This database details those persons enumerated in the 1850 United States Federal Census, the Seventh Census of the United States. In addition, the names of those listed on the population schedule are linked to the actual images of the 1850 Federal Census, copied from the National Archives and Records Administration microfilm, M432, 1009 rolls.

Where can I find the 1880 US Census?

National Archives, Washington, D.C. The 1880 United States Federal Census contains information about 50 million individuals. This census gives us a glimpse into the lives of Americans in 1880, and contains information about a household’s occupants including birthplaces, occupations, health conditions, and education.

How was the first census organized?

The first nine censuses from 1790 to 1870 were organized under the United States Federal Court system. Each district was assigned a U.S. marshal who hired other marshals to administer the census. Governors were responsible for enumeration in territories. The official enumeration day of the 1850 census was 1 June 1850.

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