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Frequently Asked Questions

Is American Horror Story worth watching?

it’s worth watching. it’s just probably not going to be in your top favorite 3 seasons but it’s not that bad. there’s the typical throw away episodes that kind of help the narrative but were just too long and then there’s a few episodes where you do what to see what happens next. 10. level 1. · 4y.

Why did Netflix get rid of American Horror Story?

Why is American Horror Story leaving Netflix? To put it simply, the streaming license that Netflix had for the series is coming to an end and is unlikely to be renewed. Given how many Disney properties are leaving all on March 1st, it has been speculated that rather than the licenses just expiring, they’ve instead been bought back.

When is American Horror Story Season 9 coming out?

However, in October 2020 thanks to the notification within the app, we know that season 9 of American Horror Story is coming to Netflix US on November 13th, 2020. Typically Netflix UK receives the latest season of American Horror Story just before Netflix US. Therefore, we were expecting the ninth season to arrive around September 2020.

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