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Frequently Asked Questions

When does American Horror Story start?

American Horror Story season 10 debuted in August 2021, nearly two years after AHS: 1984 premiered in September 2019. If production isn’t halted for season 11 as it was for Double Feature, American Horror Story’ s next season could debut sometime between August-October 2022.

When is American Horror Story leaving Netflix?

Not only will the library be losing all six of the Marvel Netflix shows, but every season of the beloved horror anthology, American Horror Story, will also be leaving Netflix around the globe in March 2022.

When is American horror returning?

The weekly anthology series, it was announced by FX Entertainment President Eric Schrier on Friday, will return in 2022. American Horror Stories, which features a different horror story each...

When is the next American Horror Story?

As a result, assuming nothing else goes wrong, production should likely continue forth with this trajectory, and we can probably expect American Horror Story to return with season 11 in September or October 2022. In the US, it'll be on FX as usual and we imagine that it'll air on Disney+ in the UK like season 10.

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