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Frequently Asked Questions

Is American funds a brokerage account?

American Funds is registered with FINRA as both an investment advisor and a broker-dealer. Besides mutual funds, the company also is able to work as a municipal securities dealer. It is not registered to transact business in commodities, futures, or options on futures.

Are American funds any good?

American Funds shines most for its mutual funds, an excellent investment option for beginners, as well as for more advanced investors looking to diversify their portfolio. The company offers more than 30 funds, with some at the top of the market for their categories.

What are American mutual funds?

The American Funds Washington Mutual Investors A made its debut in July of 1952 and AWSHX has managed to accumulate roughly $76.40 billion in assets, as of the most recently available information. The fund's current manager is a team of investment professionals. Investors naturally seek funds with strong performance.

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