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Frequently Asked Questions

What is American funds phone number?

Contact American Funds by phone, fax or mail. Menu ... to determine which number to call. PLAN ID STARTS WITH BRK OR IRK (800) 421-4120 (Para Español, oprima 8) PLAN ID STARTS WITH 1 OR 2 (800) 421-6621 ... AMERICAN FUNDS RECORDKEEPER DIRECT C/O RETIREMENT PLAN SERVICES. REGULAR MAIL. P. O Box 6040 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6040 ...

Can 1099 employees participate in SIMPLE IRA?

You could also offer access to your group’s insurance plans. Access to retirement savings plan: 1099 employees can access their own 401 (k) pension plans or your business can offer them a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRA plan, or a Simple IRA.

Are SIMPLE IRAs only offered through employers?

SIMPLE IRAs are ideal for business owners who have more than 5-8 employees but want to avoid the cost of administering a 401 (k) plan. SIMPLE IRAs can also benefit small business owners who want to encourage employee saving through salary deferrals rather than through the employer-only contributions of a SEP IRA.

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