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Frequently Asked Questions

What is American funds phone number?

Contact American Funds by phone, fax or mail. Menu ... to determine which number to call. PLAN ID STARTS WITH BRK OR IRK (800) 421-4120 (Para Español, oprima 8) PLAN ID STARTS WITH 1 OR 2 (800) 421-6621 ... AMERICAN FUNDS RECORDKEEPER DIRECT C/O RETIREMENT PLAN SERVICES. REGULAR MAIL. P. O Box 6040 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6040 ...

Is a 401k considered a qualified retirement plan?

Yes, a 401k does meet the IRS rules to be considered a qualified retirement plan. Your employer is responsible for ensuring that the reporting and regulatory requirements are met to keep the plan in compliance.

Is American funds a brokerage?

American Funds provides high-quality mutual funds that are excellent long-term investment options. To purchase the company funds, you’ll need to go through a broker. American Funds doesn’t provide many of the tech features other brokerages offer, but is excellent when you want professional, one-on-one advice.

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